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Radiant Floor Heat & Snow Melt

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Radiant Floor Heat & Snow Melt Systems


Radiant Floor Heat & Snow Melt Systems include solar direct injection (closed-loop) and primary loop injection and distribution systems.


Radiant Floor or "warm in-floor" heating typically uses flat-plate solar collectors in conjunction with floor materials having thermal mass ("mass floors")-- like cement, stone, or adobe vs. a "non-mass" wood floor. These systems send warm fluid through pipes under the floor to warm the floor and evenly heat the rooms. Radiant floor heating often is 30-40% less expensive to operate than old-style forced air heating systems. Efficiency alone gives radiant floors a 5-6 year payback period, without factoring in benefits from any available financial incentives like tax credits or rebates. Properly designed and installed systems will perform very well for 30-40 years.


Primary loop and distribution systems combine multiple heating sources such as solar, gas boiler, geothermal heat pump, with multiple end uses such as heating warm floors or baseboards, heating pools and spas, pre-heating domestic hot water, and/or warm water storage tanks.


A primary loop system is both modular and highly efficient. It is fed by solar collectors, boiler or any other heat generation component. When solar heat is available (during sunny days) the system will use that heat first to "pre-heat" system fluids and then will automatically supplement ("boost heat") with the other heat sources as needed. Heat is stored in the thermal mass flooring or in storage tanks.

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Solar-heated liquid flows directly from the solar collectors into the tubes in the floor, warming the building. Solar Direct Injection designs are suited to a well-insulated mass floors in sunny climates. They are also suited for snow-melt systems. Mass is important so that the mass of the floor will radiate heat through the night, since there is no fluid storage tank.


Great Solar Works! has trained with solar hot water and solar heating pioneer Bristol Stickney, who has brilliantly combined solar and hydronic heating technologies in applications throughout the Southwest U.S.

Great Solar Works! designs and installs solar, wind and hydro on-site power generation systems and
energy efficient pumping and heating technologies for off-grid and grid-tied locations.
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